To our valued clients, employees, patients, and providers:

Our mission is to provide superior quality home health care services that patients recommend to their friends and family; physicians prefer for their patients; employees are proud to be a part of and community partners think of first.

This past year continued to challenge many of us. We have seen the waxing and waning of Covid, the impact of the employee workforce shortages, a large increase in costs due to inflation, and a proposed decrease in Medicare Reimbursement for the upcoming year. Despite these challenges and many more, we continue to live our values, take excellent care of our patients, advocate for those in need, and always do what is right!

Our team is extremely qualified, well-trained, adaptable, and passionately committed to ensuring a better all-around client experience – serving patients and providers as though we were serving our own loved ones.

I am proud to see our team members embrace our I-CARE values and philosophy on a daily basis.

Integrity – Always do the right thing.

Compassion – Caring for others with dignity, with empathy, and with a passion for their wellbeing.

Accountability – Accept responsibility, fulfill your commitments, and produce results.

Respect – Highest regard for the feelings, rights, wishes, and traditions of others.

Excellence – Exceeding expectations in all that we do.

So, as we look to the future, we look ahead with our eyes wide open, and will make any adjustments necessary to continue to deliver service excellence for our patients, employees, and providers in our local communities. Our leadership team will continue to rise to any challenge tossed our way, advocate for our senior population and the value of the home health benefit, become more efficient in providing services, be a responsible partner in the community and ensure we well care for all our employees caring for our patients.

I am very proud of the work our team does to provide excellence in all we do. I want to thank you for your partnership and trust in EverCare Health Services, Beyond Faith Homecare and Rehab, Care First Home Health, Haven Home Health and Complete Home Care part of the Life Care Home Health Family of Companies.

Sincere regards,

Dean Alverson