Home Healthcare provides individuals with Nursing support, various, Therapies such as Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Home Health Aides to deliver Personal Care Services and Social Workers for individuals in need of care in their home or place of residence. Typically, a Nurse will open the case and work with your physician to create a Plan of Care (POC) based upon the referral and your needs. Nurses usually make one to two visits per week initially to open the case and then to work with the patient based upon their specific nursing needs and teach the patient and family caregiver care protocols that will be needed to be successful. Therapy visits are typically two to three times per week and the length of services depends upon the progress of the patient. Home Health Aides usually come one to three times per week and can provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) that are related to the diagnosis. Social Workers can help by assessing the patients’ needs from the community.