Halloween Safety Tips for Older Adults

Halloween is an exciting time of year for both youngsters and adults. But it can be a stressful time for your aging loved one, especially if they live alone. Many seniors worry about keeping safe on Halloween. A constant stream of unknown trick-or-treaters knocking on the door can be a bit unsettling and. Our aging loved ones should feel safe and secure on Halloween, whether they choose to hand out candy or not.

Here are some Halloween safety tips to consider:

Check the lights

The last thing you want is to realize that your porch light is out when Halloween rolls around. This could not only deter trick-or-treaters, but also invite a criminal element. Before the holiday, check all of the lights around your entryways to make sure they’re working properly, and replace any bulbs that have burned out.

Consider safety hazards

Halloween decorations can contribute to safety concerns. For instance, Jack-O-Lanterns can be a fire hazard if they’re in an area where they can easily be tripped over. You’ll want to make sure that all walkways (inside and out) are clear of obstacles and clearly lit. Be sure to eliminate tripping or slipping hazards that could impede progress to the door. Avoid window decorations that block the view of the front entryway and yard.

Never let anyone inside your home

Sometimes it can be tempting to invite trick-or-treaters into your home — but that’s an easy way to invite safety concerns in with them. Politely refuse trick-or-treaters who ask to use your telephone or bathroom. Just as important, keep yourself inside your home at all times.

Avoid the roads

A general rule is to avoid excessive driving on Halloween night. With a large number of children and their families crowding the streets and going door to door for candy, there is a much bigger risk of pedestrian accidents. If possible, do all errands and visits before the evening begins. Popular trick-or-treat hours are from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, so plan to be off the roads during this time.

Get a Halloween Helper

A homecare Halloween Helper can take the spookiness out of Halloween. Consider hiring a home care worker for the night of Halloween to make sure someone is there, at their side, keeping them safe. Your Halloween Helper can provide companionship, help hand out candy, and can even help you get dressed up.

Holidays like Halloween can be enjoyed by people of all ages. By taking a few extra precautions will help you or your loved one to be safe and able to enjoy all the fun.