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Veterans Day

On Veterans Day we honor every man and woman who has proudly worn the uniform and bravely defended our nation while protecting its people from the evils of this world. Every American, no matter where they live or what they do, reaps the benefits of their service.

It is a special day … it is, in fact, a remarkable day and should also be a day of reflection … a day when every American takes time to consider the legacy of freedom and liberty that has been passed to us. It is a day to think about the awesome responsibility that is ours, and what it takes to maintain this land of the free … this home of the brave.

Veterans Day is a day for every American, every citizen – no matter what race, religion, or political affiliation they might have – to contemplate the price of our liberty. Lifecare Home Health Family of Companies honors the veterans of our nation, and we must also acknowledge and give thought to those who are currently serving. Those who wear the uniform of today’s military services face a world that is filled with change and challenge.

As grateful people, we must continue to do all we can to ensure our veterans receive the benefits and recognition they have earned and deserve … let us resolve right now, today, to do these things with a renewed sense of purpose … gratitude.

Lifecare Home Health Family of Companies is proud to serve our nation’s Veterans as both our numerous veteran employees and the many veterans we have the honor to take care of. They have served this great nation and now we are honored to serve them.

Happy Veterans Day to all of America’s veterans, and a sincere and heartfelt,


– Scott Galliardt, MS, RN, Area Administrator